Citizens of World
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Dear GOD, where do you live?

Can we have your address, please? On which street in heaven do you live?

We know you are not at places where innocent civilians become homeless by the bombing of their homes. They make citizens refugees in their own countries. Many children lose their parents and other family members.

We see your idols still sitting on the shelves of the shattered houses and your pictures hanging on the exposed walls. You were there, but you silently slipped before this destruction.

Citizens of World
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The religion of a child!

What do you think of the religion of a child at the time of birth?

Every newborn child does not bring a particular religion with birth.

It is what the child’s family passes over faith and beliefs that the child is to follow for the rest of life.

They label those little human beings as Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. without their knowledge and consent.

Let us consider how faiths and beliefs are passed down from one generation to another in different cultures.